You know there is opportunity for growth in your industry, but you’re not sure how to build a sales and marketing engine to take advantage of it. You’re not alone. One of the greatest blockages of business growth is too much opportunity and a lack of focus. If hiring an experienced marketing consultant isn’t an option, then the Marketing Audit Template & Checklist is the next best thing.

This free Marketing Audit Template guides you through the 12 most important factors of a successful sales & marketing function, and helps you track your performance improvement over the course of a year (or less, if you’re really determined to implement best-in-class marketing practices).

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Performance Improvement

Improve marketing performance in a structured, best-in-class, way. Even better, this template allows you to track your progress quarterly throughout the year.


Identify and target the areas of your marketing function that are particularly problematic, and zoom in on them with marksman-like precision.

Marketing Return on Investment

Stop wasting marketing spend on activity that doesn’t drive results. More often than not, struggling marketing teams are missing some basic strategy and structure that will limit the success of marketing initiatives. Fix those gaps!