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This blueprint illustrates a proven approach to lead generation strategy which can be used to spur growth and drive MQLs (Marketing Qualified Leads) at any B2B SaaS company. The tactics are based on the common characteristics of SaaS businesses regardless of vertical. This blueprint (.pdf) shows you all of the elements involved and how they relate to and support parallel initiatives.

Whether you are currently forming (or re-imagining) your digital strategy, or want a sanity check on your lead generation processes, this blueprint will help you to develop a path towards growth for your business.

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Proven Strategy

This strategy has been applied to great success at B2B SaaS firms (and other related industries). Use this proven approach instead of re-creating the wheel!


Instead of getting lost in the weeds of the multitude of digital tools and methods out there, this strategy cuts out the cruft and focuses on the activities that will really move the needle.

Sanity Check

Compare your current strategy and thinking against this tried and tested approach to identify gaps or find new ways of achieving your growth goals.