About Me

Digital Growth Marketing

With over a decade of expertise in generating inbound leads and MQLs, Ronan has a proven track record in nurturing prospects into SALs, directly impacting and improving revenue.

Specializing in both organic and paid search strategies within the B2B SaaS sector, Ronan is adept at integrating various digital marketing channels into a unified, industry-tailored approach that drives growth and propels businesses forward.

Screenwriting & Filmmaking

As a filmmaker and screenwriter, Ronan is known for his unique vision and ability to tell compelling stories through the lens of a camera. With his debut neo-noir thriller short film, “Flytrap,” Ronan has already begun to make his mark in the world of independent cinema.

His journey into filmmaking is built upon a foundation of diverse experiences in smaller projects, where he honed his skills and developed a keen eye for storytelling. Ronan’s passion for cinema is deeply rooted in his love for narratives that delve into the complexity of emotion, the absurdity of life, and the darker aspects of the human experience.



Consultant | Dublin, Ireland
Digital Marketing Strategist
Grew SMBs revenues by using digital marketing strategies – social media, content marketing, SEO, PPC, email marketing and marketing automation.
5/6 leads / month for Brandon Global IT
100% tickets sold for Flow Group seminars
Designed new websites and optimized the inbound marketing funnel to increase visitors, and convert leads to customers from digital channels.
3,000 users / month for www.dngjohnobrien.ie
110% increase in traffic for www.brandon.global in 12 months
Developed STP strategy, established formal marketing and lead management processes, ensuring an effective CRM for business development.
2,900 contacts cleansed, segmented and prospected for Brandon IT
Achieved revenue growth year-on-year by managing time, finances and pricing. Managed multiple client accounts, delivering on time, on budget, and to KPIs.
12% in Year 2, 17% in Year 3 pro rata
Clients: Brandon Global IT, Flow Group, Sync IT, Noel Lawler Consulting Engineers, DNG John O’Brien, Boost Your Sales.

I.T. Alliance Group | Sheffield, UK
International Marketing Executive
2013 – 2015
Reached out to corporate account prospects to set up C-level meetings. Generated leads through LinkedIn, direct marketing, and networking.
12 leads and 2 clients over ten months
Researched 2,000 Microsoft corporate accounts (company demographics and decision-making unit) in the UK cloud computing market.
Delivered 2 new websites from scratch as part of the marketing team – focusing on copywriting.

Lundbeck | Dublin, Ireland
Marketing Assistant
2011 – 2012

Master of Business Practice (MBA), Business Strategy, International Business Development
Irish Management Institute
2014- 2017
Master of Science (M.Sc.), Digital Media
Dublin City University
2015 – 2016
Bachelor of Business Studies (B.B.S), Marketing
Dublin City University
2009 – 2013

Technical SEO – Screaming Frog
Content SEO – Ahrefs
CPC – Google Ads
Automation – HubSpot
CRM – Salesforce
A/B Testing
Google Analytics & Data Studio

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