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Traffic Increase
LinkedIn Followers

Following on from the collateral development and brand realignment project at Brandon a new website was required. The current website was not fit for purpose in terms of design, content and scope to build a digital marketing and inbound strategy around.

You can view the previous website here.

The Solution

Upon assessing the situation, it was decided that two new websites would best fit the business strategy – one for Brandon Global IT and one for Brandon Consulting. As time was of the essence Squarespace was chosen as the web platform due to its clean, minimalist design, its scalability and because it offers the latest technical features.

When the static content on the site was developed a number of lead generating landing pages were set up on the site. These included an IT Security Self-Assessment, IT Support Dublin / Galway, a cyber security ebook, an IT quote page among others.

In addition a content plan was developed that included eight blogs per month designed to attract larger numbers of more targeted traffic to the website. This content was then posted on the company page on LinkedIn.

In the background Google Analytics was integrated following best practices such as spam filtering, view setups, Google Tag Manager and account integrations.

The Benefits

Project Lead Time

Overall lead time for site deployment was just over two month. This reflects the streamlined nature of using Squarespace as a web platform.

Cost-Effectiveness & Scalability

There is just one set fee for hosting which allows Brandon to add as much content and media to their website without worrying about hosting costs escalating.

Not only that but Squarespace takes care of technical updates which keeps the site at the forefront of the latest developments with minimal effort. For example, AMPs (Accelerated Mobile Pages) have become a major ranking factor for Google’s mobile users. Squarespace blogs were automatically updated to leverage AMP.

Traffic Increase

Since taking over webmaster duties for Brandon site traffic has increased by 110%. This is deeply correlated  with our commitment to content publishing and means that visitors more closely resemble our buyer personas.

LinkedIn Followership

When I took over the LinkedIn account for Brandon they had 484 followers. Since implementing the content strategy, and incentivising Brandon staff to share company content, our followers grew to 1,030.