Hours Editing
Ice Creams

As part of a production team of four, we interviewed the owner of Ireland’s most unique ice-cream shop – Storm In A Teacup in Skerries, Co. Dublin.

Video Production

The video was shot over two days, the first of which was focused on shooting the interview with Tina (on a particularly stormy day!). On the second day we captured the shop and surrounding landscape of the seaside village buzzing with visitors enjoying the sun, and the ice-cream!

We edited the footage using Adobe Premiere Pro, cutting interview sequences together with footage of the shop and the huge crowds it attracts. Adding ‘Ukelele’ as the background matched well with the light-hearted and fun tone of the piece.

Social Media

Upon completion the video was promoted on Storm In A Teacup’s own Facebook page, garnering almost 600 likes, 140 shares and boosting the businesses own audience on Facebook.

Thereafter, I the vide was posted on Lovin’ Dublin. This helped to promote the video to an even wider audience and pushed total views to over 10,000.