A selection of shorter and developmental film projects, spanning narrative, documentary, and corporate formats. Use the playlist controls on the video player to view all of the videos.

Concrete Donkey

Game of Scones, Last Dates, and A Place in the ‘Mun

These were three satirical television programme concepts developed in conjunction with a central mockumentary, all hosted on our mock Netflix-style Video-On-Demand platform, FML.ie.

I lead the writing and directing of our adverts, including idea generation, casting and locations. Overall we received a First Class Honours for our practicum in the M.Sc. in Digital Media.


RuPaul: The Drag Knight and Why So Serious, America?

Produced during the primary season of the 2016 presidential race, The Drag Knight sees Bernie Sanders and RuPaul team up as the dynamic duo to defeat Trumper and The Tedguin. Any similarities to 1960s Batman are entirely coincidental.

Working in a team of four, I was responsible for illustrating the sets and backgrounds for each scene using Adobe Illustrator. The other team members focused on character development using a rotoscoping technique similar to that used in ‘A Scanner Darkly’. The scenes and characters were layered in a way that we could manipulate them as needed in the animation.

Using Adobe After Effects, I imported the characters and scenes into compositions as per our storyboards. I built out the story with our assets using animation techniques such as puppeteering, parallax scrolling and parenting elements.

The idea for the The Drag Knight originated from an individual animation I produced earlier in 2016. Entitled ‘Why So Serious, America?’, the stop motion animation drew inspiration from the ‘rough and ready’ style, and political satire of South Park.

Any Given Funday

Train to Catch

Storm in a Teacup

As part of a production team of four, we interviewed the owner of Ireland’s most unique ice-cream shop – Storm In A Teacup in Skerries, Co. Dublin.

The video was shot over two days, the first of which was focused on shooting the interview with Tina (on a particularly stormy day!). On the second day we captured the shop and surrounding landscape of the seaside village buzzing with visitors enjoying the sun, and the ice-cream!

We edited the footage using Adobe Premiere Pro, cutting interview sequences together with footage of the shop and the huge crowds it attracts. Adding ‘Ukelele’ as the background matched well with the light-hearted and fun tone of the piece.

Upon completion the video was promoted on Storm In A Teacup’s own Facebook page, garnering almost 600 likes, 140 shares and boosting the businesses own audience on Facebook.

Thereafter, I shared the video with Lovin’ Dublin. This helped to promote the video to an even wider audience and pushed total views to over 10,000.

Made in Dun Laoghaire

Brendella Skirts is an Irish clothing manufacturer which has been operating in Dun Laoghaire since the 1930s. The short documentary tells the story of the skirt company from it’s origin, how it grew through exporting, the trials and tribulations it faced during multiple recessions and how it has survived to this day.

Brendella Skirts is one of the remaining pieces of old Ireland where the place and the people tell a story decades in the making. Working in a team of four, my role involved planning and pre-production, operating a camera during the shoot and editing the footage into a final cut using Adobe Premiere Pro.

A Taste of I.T. Alliance – Career Video

I was tasked with developing, writing and producing a video for the careers page of I.T. Alliance. Working in conjunction with a videographer, the above video was the result of months of research and planning to coordinate all participants and messaging on a 1-day shoot.