Produced during the primary season of the 2016 presidential race, The Drag Knight sees Bernie Sanders and RuPaul team up as the dynamic duo to defeat Trumper and The Tedguin. Any similarities to 1960s Batman are entirely coincidental.


Working in a team of four, I was responsible for illustrating the sets and backgrounds for each scene using Adobe Illustrator. The other team members focused on character development using a rotoscoping technique similar to that used in ‘A Scanner Darkly’.

The scenes and characters were layered in a way that we could manipulate them as needed in the animation.


Using Adobe After Effects, I imported the characters and scenes into compositions as per our storyboards. I built out the story with our assets using animation techniques such as puppeteering, parallax scrolling and parenting elements.

Idea Generation

The idea for the The Drag Knight originated from an individual animation I produced earlier in 2016. Entitled ‘Why So Serious, America?’, the stop motion animation drew inspiration from the ‘rough and ready’ style, and political satire of South Park.