The Challenge

One of the first major projects I undertook when I joined Brandon was a full review the brand and marketing collateral in the business. The brand name and logo had been changed in early 2015 from Brandon Consulting to Brandon Global IT, and a new logo had been developed. That logo had been tweaked in the interim to reflect modern design thought.

This meant that the collateral that was being used was inconsistent with the latest brand, and some key marketing templates were missing altogether.

The Solution

Below are some of the key content pieces I produced while at Brandon.

Brand Guidelines

Given the situation, I decided that the priority was to develop brand guidelines for the company, which covered both brands, and had guidelines for how the brands should be presented in a variety of formats.

The brand guidelines consisted of company ‘boilerplate’ (the standard description of the business), the mission, vision and values of the company, fonts (typefaces, sizes etc.), colours (primary, secondary, call-to-actions), logo treatment, corporate imagery, email signature template, social media guidelines and a list of all company document templates.

As this is an internal document I have not included an example here.

Company Slide Deck

This slide deck acts as an introduction to the company, primarily for use by the sales team when going out to meet prospects for an initial consultation.

Case Studies

Case studies of the great work that the team at Brandon carry out were severely lacking. In an industry where any number of competitors can deliver the same technology solution, the real differentiator comes in the quality of the delivery.

This is why case studies and accompanying testimonials were a key piece for Brandon.

Cyber Security E-Book

The cyber security e-book was a gated content piece designed to generate leads on the Brandon Global IT website. This piece complemented the increasing concern about cyber security for small and medium sized businesses.

IT Security Audit

The IT Security Audit was developed in conjunction with the Institute of Legal Research & Standards in Ireland. This short brochure intended to articulate the importance of cyber security for law firms, include details of what the audit consists of, and convey the benefits and social proof in a structured, step-by-step manner.

Brandon Consulting Booklet

Finally, Brandon Consulting was focused solely on the Credit Union sector in Ireland, and so required bespoke collateral to communicate the unique of value proposition to that market segment.