First Class Honors

FML.ie (For Media Lovers) is a Video-On-Demand web platform, aiming to give the viewer similar experiences to that of 4OD, Netflix & RTE Player. The site features Two Many DJs, a three-part mockumentary web series centered around Dublin twins Anne & Barry, in the run up to a local DJ competition.

The website also features trailers for other fictitious shows, Game of Scones, Last Dates, and A Place In The ‘Mun, and other static content, with the intent of immersing the viewer in the world of the channel. Like any good VOD platform, FML.ie features trailers, comments, reviews and full content.

Taking influence from the mockumentary style and reality TV, the site and series together form a satirical and comedic piece, playing on themes of faltering aspirations, relationships and stereotypes. This style is highlighted in both the narrative and the production.

My Role

Considering the broad scope and ambitious nature of our project my role consisted of wide range of duties, many times overlapping with the other 5 members of the group.

Primarily, I worked on screenwriting, developing the structure and style of the website and lead the production of our parody content Game of Scones, Last Dates and A Place In The Mun.

Game of Scones, Last Dates, and A Place in the ‘Mun were three satirical television programme concepts developed in conjunction with a central mockumentary, all hosted on our mock Netflix-style Video-On-Demand platform, FML.ie.

I lead the writing and directing of our adverts, including idea generation, casting and locations. Overall we received a First Class Honours for our practicum in the M.Sc. in Digital Media.

Academic Research

This thesis consists of the research undertaken for the project, including concept development and aims for the project. This is followed by a detailed account of the production processes, covering pre-production, production and post-production phases.

This is accompanied by project management, outlining workflow and communication. Lastly, the thesis concludes by reflecting on the aims and final execution of the project, whilst also discussing any issues and limitations we encountered along the way.

The full thesis and project report can be read below.