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DNG John O’Brien is a real estate agent and property consultant based in the North-East of Ireland. Given the unique nature of the business customers could include landlords, renters, property buyers and sellers – both domestic and commercial. Consistent engagement with these segments is crucial to finding new opportunities and growing the business.

The Solution

This broad audience means that social media is a perfect fit for their marketing messaging and to build an engaged audience. In particular Facebook was chosen as the core focus of social media efforts due to the large, demographic-spanning audience and higher rates of engagement over other platforms.

A content level of 10 posts per week was used as a benchmark for consistency, mixing general industry news with posts of properties for rent and sale. To streamline the process a social media tool called Buffer was used. This allowed all posts for the week to be ‘queued’ at once, and cross-posted to LinkedIn all from one platform.

Facebook Insights illustrated how various posts have performed, the demographics of the page followers and comparison of key metrics against competitors. The knock-on benefits of social media were tracked using Google Analytics on the company website.


Engaged Local Audience

There are almost 1,300 followers at the time of writing, accumulated over a two month period. Having a large, engaged local audience means that DNG can use it as a point of differentiation when trying to attract property sellers and landlords over competitors.

Return On Investment

As performance can be effectively tracked between Facebook and the website it is possible to measure the increase in awareness, interest and leads attributable to this project. This makes it see the ROMI (Return on Marketing Investment).

Lead Generation

Facebook is now responsible for direct leads for DNG John O’Brien which come in through the Facebook Messenger system. In addition 72% of traffic now originates from social media, meaning that the majority of leads that come in through the site are also attributable to social media, and Facebook in particular.