Training Days
Targeted Outreach

Flow Group is an international HR development and consulting company that has been helping organisations to become more effective for over a decade.

Flow have a strong existing customer base, with repeat business representing the majority of their annual revenue. However, their concern was that this would stagnate, and inhibit future growth of the company.

Our Solution

I directed digital marketing efforts as part of a wider project to assist Flow with the promotion and management of an upcoming training day. Our focus was on expanding their customer base and ensuring high attendance at the event. Our business development plan consisted of three broad marketing strategies:

Direct Marketing

I implemented an email campaign, consisting of 5 e-shots over a 3 month period. The emails had a mix of educational and promotional content to educate the target market as well as attract attendees. We followed this up with a telemarketing campaign into the prospect list.

LinkedIn Advertising

I managed a Pay Per Click (PPC) advertising campaign on LinkedIn, aimed at our researched buyer personas. The adverts drove targeted traffic directly to the Eventbrite page.

Social Media

In conjunction with the adverts, I set up a LinkedIn page for Flow, grew their followers and published content in the build up to the training day.

The Benefits

Attendance/New Customers

There were 50 attendees at the training day, with targets surpassed for both new and existing customers.

Brand Awareness

Our integrated email marketing and PPC online advertising campaign drove recognition of the Flow brand with almost 20,000 impressions and 300 clicks from the target market.

Social Strategy

A formal LinkedIn strategy was initiated, with a company page set up and training and advice provided on how to turn it into a sales tool.

Best Practices

Customer Relationship Management (CRM) and direct marketing processes were brought into the company, and internal staff are now better prepared for future campaigns.

The initial event exceeded all KPIs such that we ran a second event for Flow four months later which also garnered full attendance.