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New Vend are a supply chain and wholesale business that operates across Ireland. The company enjoys strong growth and a satisfied customer base thanks to their innovative business model.

However, any time there was a change in retail prices or other messages that they needed to communicate ¬†they relied on Microsoft Outlook to email their customers. This wasn’t ideal for a number of reasons; it was slow, cumbersome and management at New Vend didn’t have visibility into open rates, and click-through rates.

The Solution

I worked with New Vend to set them up with a purpose built email marketing service. Mailchimp was used as the email provider as they provide a reasonable freemium pricing plan that allows up to 2,000 contacts at no cost.

I compiled, cleaned and uploaded their client data to Mailchimp, segmenting by type and location to allow for highly targeted communications. I designed a branded template for use for pricing updates which included tracked hyperlinks to the New Vend website.

Once the service was set up I trained the Sales Director on how to use the software, meaning he can send updates to customers as needed without having to rely on an external provider.


No Ongoing Fee

Due to the cost-effective nature of Mailchimp’s pricing plan, and that New Vend have been trained in it’s use, there is no ongoing cost to the company of using this solution.


As well as that, Mailchimp is a streamlined service for this type of task and so represents a much more productive use of time than using Outlook, Gmail or other traditional email service.


The management team now know exactly which of their clients has opened the message, and who hasn’t. Moreover, any contacts that have clicked through to the website for more info are also tracked.