When I first consulted with Noel Lawler Consulting Engineers it was clear that they wanted to manage digital marketing in-house. In light of this, the most suitable solution was to deliver a 1-day digital marketing workshop to all staff in the company.


Before travelling to Noel Lawler’s office in Kilkenny I spent two days preparing for the workshop by gathering login details for their various digital accounts and auditing their current setup.

In addition I spent time developing the content of the workshop to ensure it was tailored to their business situation and that their team would get value from it.


Content Marketing

The core element of the training centered around demonstrating the various features of WordPress to the staff and how they could easily add media-rich, responsive content to their websites.

Following this I explained the principles of content marketing, why it is important for SEO and how it can assist with many business goals.

Google Analytics

Knowing how to interpret the data in Google Analytics is essential to good digital marketing strategy. I managed the technical setup of Analytics for the site and had it ready for the training day. This meant that there was over a weeks data in GA to discuss.

Search Engine Optimization

I discussed the principles of search engine optimization to the team and showed them how to apply them to content they create. This included a 7-step process to follow to ensure on-site, off-site and technical aspects of SEO were implemented on their website.

Competitive Analysis

Finally I demonstrated a competitive analysis tool that enables the team to compare their SEO performance with their main competitors, identify where they are lacking and ultimately push to the top page of Google’s SERP.