Hackett’s Bookmakers is an outdated betting brand that has been left behind as the market has embraced online gambling targeted at an increasingly younger and more casual audience. Our proposal is intended to reinvent the brand and position it to compete with the major betting companies.

Brand Strategy

The core aims of our rebranding strategy were three-fold;

  • Regain market share in the core betting markets
  • Improve the customer experience through innovative technology
  • Attract new customers by positioning Hacketts for a modern audience

Our strategy involves differentiating Hackett’s from the main competitors in the industry, focusing on our core competency, refining the customer experience through technology and re-launching the brand through a print advertising campaign.

As part of this we tightly defined our buyer personas and conducted deep industry research to support our case that there was a gap in the market.

Design Process

After analysing competitors marketing communications strategies, we decided to distinguish our brand by focusing on it’s ‘vintage’ value. This lead to the classic black and white style, that leveraged the 50 year anniversary of the companies and aimed to position Hacketts as an aspirational brand. A betting app tailored to horse racing is to be launched in conjunction with the new brand.

The design process is detailed in the slide deck above, in addition to the final advert.

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