Over time, Ronan has honed a service offering to effectively ‘plug in’ as the all-in-one digital marketing department for B2B SMEs, complementing their current marketing setup and activities.


  • Digital Marketing as a Service – engage us to look after all your digital marketing needs, and let us plan, execute and deliver great results for your business.
  • Digital Marketing in a Box – overhaul your online marketing with a new website designed to convert visitors into inbound leads, fully integrated with email, search and social media marketing – right out of the box.

The concept underpinning Ronan’s approach is Complete Touchpoint Marketing. Put simply; this means aligning all marketing touchpoints with the core digital strategy, and ruthlessly rooting out the activities that don’t contribute to the bottom line.

By integrating the various elements of your digital presence we deliver a seamless brand experience for your customers – leading them through the buying cycle and ultimately improving your sales close rate.


Complete Touchpoint Marketing

Great marketing is both an art and a science. Each element of your brand should be clear, compelling and show consistency across every customer touchpoint.

However, on its own great design is ineffective. It must be built upon a solid marketing strategy that uses proven principles to deliver results. As well as this developing a resolute business philosophy that guides marketing activity will simplify your decision-making process.


The Science – Marketing

Our marketing campaigns are grounded in academic studies, solid data, and knowledge and experience of best practice.


  • Inbound Marketing
  • Direct Marketing
  • Search Engine Marketing
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Digital Analytics


The Art – Design

Creative flair brings our campaigns to life! Great design showcases your brand at its best and fosters loyalty with your clients.


  • Brand Development
  • Web Design
  • Collateral (Case Studies, Brochures etc.)
  • Copywriting
  • Content (Images, video, blogs etc.)


The Philosophy

Underpinning the science and the art is marketing philosophy. This simply means those decisions you make that help to position your brand in the mind of customers – there are no right or wrong answers. For example:


  • ‘How often should prospects receive company emails?’
  • ‘What tone should you use on company social media accounts?’
  • ‘Which marketing methods are appropriate (and inappropriate) for your industry?’

Marketing campaigns have many moving parts that need to work together seamlessly to achieve the campaign targets. We ensure that it operates like a well-oiled machine!


Ronan became a digital marketing consultant in response to demand from small and medium sized businesses for professional digital marketing and design skills. The business model of is designed so that companies could maximize the return from digital marketing in a way that made strategic sense for them. In other words, no long-term commitment is required – we engage, test and iterate for your business in a low-risk, high-reward approach.