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This blog (and the entire site) have been a long time on the to-do list. After years of threatening to get it together I’ve decided the time is finally right to pull the trigger and get it live.

Today I’m flying to New York on a 12-month working visa to find the next role in my career. So far, since graduating with a degree in Marketing from Dublin City University, I’ve worked in Ireland and the UK in the IT services sector. In 2015, I set up a digital marketing business (Ubikwitty) and worked with clients in a variety of sectors including construction, supply chain, business development, professional services and real estate.

Throughout that time I always wanted to work and travel in the USA, and since graduating from a M.Sc. in Multimedia this year I have the opportunity to do just that through the 12-month graduate visa.

The Blog

Over the next 12 months and beyond I will be updating this blog with updates on what I’m up to in New York, my thoughts on emigrating to the US, discussion on the latest in digital marketing, Irish-American business news and plenty that can only be described as miscellaneous.

Aside from general aim of writing more and sharing my story with others in a similar situation, I have 2 primary reasons for starting this blog:

1. Online Record

To keep some kind of record of the good, the bad and the ugly of my journey in New York as I experience the city and search for my next career move.

2.  Reflective Writing

If there was one thing that you take with you from the IMI it’s the importance of reflective practice. ‘Life-long learning’ may be in vogue at the moment, but so much of the value can be lost if you don’t fully process learning experiences. In other words, it’s homework for adults – but it works!

Staying committed to the process can be the biggest challenge though. Publishing a public blog should be a good incentive to keep it fresh.

Portfolio & Career

Beyond the blog, my professional portfolio and career timeline are housed on this site (up there in the main navigation). Job-hunting in New York will play a big part in my next few weeks so hopefully they will be useful. Feel free to have a look around and get in contact to find out more.

That’s it for the first post. Hopefully this has piqued your interest enough to visit regularly, or even better, subscribe to the RSS feed!


Image: Wikimedia

Ronan Martin

Ronan Martin is a New York-based digital marketing strategist specializing in SaaS and ICT marketing. Having worked in Dublin, New York, Chicago and Sheffield, Ronan has a keen understanding of the digital business landscape in the US, Ireland and the UK.


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